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Enjoy Multnomah Falls

the Columbia Gorge

Private Driver Tours

√ Enjoy the full Waterfall Tour Loop

Visit the spectacular Vista House

√ Dine at the Historic Lodge

√ Avoid significant parking delays --see more in the same amount of time

Multnomah Falls never disappoints, however in a rush to see the main attraction, many people overlook Crown Point & Vista House as well as a series of beautiful smaller falls that lead up to it. See the full Waterfall Tour loop here.

Parking is limited at each stop, which makes MetroCab or MetroTour an excellent choice for seeing more. And you can spend as much or as little time at each stop because we’re on your schedule.

The Multnomah Falls trail is well planned with a large viewing area a short 100 feet up a gentle slope from the Lodge. If you like, you can keep going as far as your legs will take you, to the Benson Bridge, or the very top. And when you’ve climbed enough, turn around and head back down.


Our super clean hybrid SUV's

seat up to 4 adult passengers comfortably
(Inquire about larger groups)
We answer our phones from 3 AM to 11 PM PST daily.
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why go metro?


Go Metro?

Safe & Sound: Leave your car safe at home, avoid parking lot & bus transfer hassles. Let us worry about traffic & drop you off right at the terminal.


Plenty of Room: Our Mid-size SUV Cabs are large enough to carry four adult passengers comfortably with room for luggage at no extra charge.

Super-clean: We keep our Cabs very clean because it makes a difference.


Simple Up-Front Pricing: Our prices don't go up for traffic delays or early morning flights. There's never incentive for our drivers to go any way except the fastest way.

No App Needed: We text or call you before your ride, so you'll know we'll be there on time. You can finish getting ready instead of watching an app.

Text Friendly Ordering: Call, use the form below, or easy-order by text. Just text the date, time & pickup address, and you're done.

Easy Payment: Cash, Debit, or Credit Card; it's entirely up to you.

Guilt-Free Rides: Unlike others, our drivers are guaranteed at least minimum wage, & can earn more with bonuses & tips. Also, they drive our Cabs, not the driver's personal car.

Safety: Unlike others, we FBI fingerprint background check our drivers.

Think Green: All our Cabs are Gas/Electric Hybrids that average 30+ miles per gallon.

Near You: MetroCab is based outside Portland to better serve the communities West, Southwest & South of Portland.


Licensed & Insured

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